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For every task the right expert.
Alliances make our clients successful

A rising demand of our clients for all-embracing solutions has motivated us to create alliances with professionals offering adjacent or additional services to our own. Powered by the forces of the market, we have created a network of experiences that is founded on trust, is fun to work in and is of high value to all members.

In our alliance you will find experts from various professional fields that have specialized in different areas, follow different goals and offer different services. Each in his own field has done tremendous work and will stand up with his or her name for outstanding service.



Commonly bridge great distances

Metaphors of deep sea navigation provide a clear picture of what is necessary to successfully complete large-scale client projects: Naval formations guarantee a save transport of goods across the ocean. Apart from fast submarines, you also need frigates and tankers. Pelzer AP uses the combined power of a strong alliance of different companies and experts to reach large-scale strategic client goals.