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Pelzer AP links extremes

The pragmatic point of view of an engineer who makes the world work for him, combined with the therapeutic realization that we have by far not understood everything men does characterizes the Pelzer AP consulting concept.

With an eye on the feasible without overly simplifying the world we reach a high degree of success and a sure implementation of our projects.

Systemic thinking and a constructive point of view help us to understand and develop the personal and professional reality of our clients.

The integral philosophy of the American scientist KEN WILBER serves as a base of discussion in times of rethinking and improving our concepts.

For the individuals and companies we consult, we rather offer question that preformed answers. Our work with groups of decision makers, coworkers and others that are affected or involved incorporates the viewpoint of individuals and develops the potentials of the group. Where there was a lack of understanding, separation, diverging interests and a paralyzing aversion against work we create a high degree of team motivation, a deep understanding off the underlying system and its connections, tolerance of diverging viewpoints and engagement for a common goal.

When others quickly develop concepts and implement them tediously and fragmented, we allocate appropriate time at the beginning of a project to clearly identify the underlying context and to grow solutions out of the client system itself. This approach leads to a high degree of authenticity and a surprising level of speed in the implementation phase. A preaching consultation style or trendy methods are not part of our repertoire.



Find your way in a stormy sea

We use metaphors of deep sea navigation to help our clients reflect on their entrepreneurial behavior. Just as a pilot will guide a ship through stormy sea safely to the harbor, Pelzer AP mindsets and methods will guide companies and leaders safely through complex business situations.

Ken Wilber

Book Tip

Ken Wilber, "A theory for everything"

Visionary ideas on shaping the future integrally by the famous US-American author.

The book at