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Control Portfolio of strategically relevant themes

The Control Portfolio is a method of the management in charge of making decisions in complex systems. It serves as a preparation of investment decisions with limited budgets and as a team consent method on executive level when preparing decisions in multidimensional decision processes.


An overview of the modules

  • Workshop for generating themes and priorities
  • Workshop for intuitive development in theme landscapes
  • Workshop for linking and creating of the cybernetic control portfolio
  • Interactive database with presentation of all individual priority and emphasis votes
  • Presentation of results and development of resulting management desicions

What is the benefit of the Control Portfolio?

  • Integral overview of the factors that influence the company skills
  • A unified position of the management teams on the coherences
  • Creation of consent dependent on power and status on executive-level
  • Rationalization of intuitive emotional power processes
  • Transparency and acceptance on individual decision backgrounds on executive level
  • Transparency and consent on the relevancy of control of strategic themes
  • Team development aspects on executive level


Control Portfolio of strategically relevant themes

Cost details

  •  Fixed sum for:
    - The 3,5 day process
    - Including database and presentation
    - Moderated by 2 partners
    - Life-documentation of all results

  • Additional costs and expenses may apply

Process timeframe

  • 3,5 Days



Control Portfolio of strategically relevant themes

Summary of all Pelzer AP methods as a PDF Document (German):

  Pelzer AP StrategicHR