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Neuro-psychology-based training for sales staff

The psychological-neurological-based approach is based on the customer motivation in a buying process

  • High-priced goods are sold in a cut-throat competition
  • For the customer, the price seems to be the rational basis for decision
  • New findings in neurobiology show, however: People usually decide in advance unconsciously and only then look for logical arguments to justify the decision
  • The task of the seller, therefore, is to reach the customer at the unconscious level, where the decision is made.
  • This requires recognizing and addressing the emotional unconscious essential needs of the client.
  • Arguments about product benefits are then adjusted to these emotional needs and presented.
  • This motivational approach for sales staff is actually a new successful.
  • Access to clients, so far seen as being "difficult" is generated in a totally new way

The right gear of your brain function system

The right brain function is turned on for each phase of the challenge in a sales pitch:





Each brain function indicates special abilities:

The respective colors represent the brain functions

  • Feeling (yellow)
  • Thinking and planning (red)
  • Control, performing (Green)
  • Examine (Blue)