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Ocean Action Learning supports Intuition through Movement

Brain researchers have discovered the part of our brain which develops and manages creativity, intuition, and emotions is the same part which controls learned and automatized motions. These  include running, cycling, skiing, horseback riding, swimming, and other learned movements we do every day without consciously driving them.

Everybody‘s had the experience of sitting quietly at your desk waiting for an idea. If you get up and walk back and forth, then an idea will suddenly pop in which just wouldn‘t come to you while sitting. This can be explained by the higher brain activity required  to control the movement system of your body. To put it simply, your brain needs more energy to control movement when you get up. This energy boost then overflows into your emotions, creativity, and intuition.

Onboard, your brain is forced to counter the permanent irritation of the ship pitching up and down as you try to catch your balance. This extra energy required for movement overflows and allows your feelings and intuition to come to the fore. This effect also supports the trainers working onboard who can use their intuition for better individual counseling.


Sustainable Learning through Joint Action On Board