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Strategy in family-owned enterprises

Studies show that about 75% of all change projects in organizations fail or achieve less than anticipated because of false or missing strategy.

Apart from the large scope change efforts, small changes happen daily within an organisation. People are hired or leave, departments grow, downsize or change direction. Slowly but steadily, global forces might affect the way the organization does business so that company strengths may turn into liabilities and change the overall priorities of the company, a department and an individual job.

Pelzer AP will help companies meet the challenges of change. We will consult in Mergers or acquisitions, offer advice and strategic thinking, planning and response, consult stakeholder and assist in prioritization and planning.



To reach the spring, you have to swim against the current

Nevertheless it is important to stay in motion in order to use the power of the current to your strategic advantage. Metaphors of deep see navigation are useful for consulting companies navigating through complex situations. The metaphors are also practical to visualize and simplify seemingly contradicting possibilities.