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"Be wind over water"

Our mission is generated from the metaphor idea "be wind over water". Metaphorically speaking, as wind we add structure to the water; we move it, gentle and if necessary as a storm. We deliver air to breathe, we transport ideas and sometimes we blow into someone's face in order to achieve a common goal. Powerless and at the same time influential.

Changes happen continuously, static stability is an illusion. Based on this fact comes the conclusion that in order to reach a relative amount of stability, a system has to change in the same rhythm as its surroundings.

The concept of responsibility a person has for him or herself is an underlying principle for our work. It is the engine for motivation and happiness, meaning we do not necessarily provide readymade solutions but suggest a framework of conditions and methods, deliver ideas and assist the management in the implementation.

We keep an eye on symptoms and their function and also why and how they evolve. Resistance and fears are considered and monitored with special care, since they give a hint to hidden energy potential. We assist in the search for the cause of resistances and therefore optimize the solution that is implemented.

We trust in the inner wisdom of people, since they sense what is good for them and what not, even if it is don unconsciously. That means that we provide methods that go beyond rational methods of handling. We establish a working atmosphere that is free of fear and enhances perception and creativity.

We se ourselves as bodies of resonance that can detect and voice hidden vibrations from the people and groups we coach.

Sintra Wind


Find your way in a stormy sea

We use metaphors of deep sea navigation to help our clients reflect on their entrepreneurial behavior. Just as a pilot will guide a ship through stormy sea safely to the harbor, Pelzer AP mindsets and methods will guide companies and leaders safely through complex business situations.