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Bernhard Pelzer, your Pelzer Shareholding Partner in Hamburg

Bernhard Pelzer (1954) is founder and managing partner of Pelzer AP. He manages the company headquarter in Hamburg, Germany. Bernhard Pelzer is skilled in a large number of professional areas. Executives value his social all-terrain character, that allows him to be at the same time empathetic and insistent. Even in situations loaded with conflicts he performs safely and productively, regardless if acting from the front or the background.

Experience and Know-How

Expert knowledge and managerial experience

Bernhard Pelzers areas of expertise are: Management of Integration (Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliance, Outcarving), Change Navigation (Change Consultation with a focus on secure implementation), Strategic Advice (Management Evaluation and Networking of complex thematic areas), Executive Mentoring (Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Supervisor).

His extensive experience in management as executive director of an association is part of a large portfolio of international work experience.

Education and Position

Portfolio Career

Bernhard Pelzer studied Architecture, Bio- and Geo- Science and Ecology at the university of Essen and finished his studies with the title "Graduate Engineer". He continued his studies in the areas of political science at the University of Duisburg. He is trained as systemic process manager and process designer (methods of the humanistic psychology), trainer and supervisor.

After his studies in engineering, Bernhard Pelzer build up an organization for the nature conservancy association (BUND e.V.) in the role of a managing director in Nordrheinwestfahlen, Germany. After five years he was responsible for seven branch offices, the country headquarter and a research unit. As initiator a nationwide reorganization he came across the systemic process method which is part of Change Management. Together with other consultants he developed these methods further.

After the foundation of his own consultancy Pelzer & Partner in 1988, he put his focus on the areas of Top Management Consultation, Strategy Development and the Implementation of Reorganization Solutions. He accompanied for example the reorganization process of a large insurance, the strategy development of a bank from the environmental movement and a future workshop to shareholding processes of the large financial service providers. He also lead his team Process-Vision and Top Management Coachings for an airline and a large grocery company.1998 Bernhard Pelzer entered the KPMG Consulting Group as Senior Manager and was responsible for intersectional Change Management Services as authorized representative in Germany. 2001/2 he lead the division Business Integration Services (BIS) of the KPMG Deutsche Treuhand WP Gesellschaft AG in the function of a director. In this role he used his particular know how of the assessment of human skills in the assistance of mergers and acquisitions in enterprises. He was also in charge of “best of both” restructurings in cross cultural environments.

2003 Bernhard Pelzer relaunched Pelzer Associated Partners as an independent internationally active consultancy.

Contact Information

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Bernhard Pelzer

Bernhard Pelzer

"If not now, then when?"

If you have gained clarity and an overview, you can act and push things forward. It may not be tomorrow, but the prospect of a real change will be a a motivation to work for a better future.


Bernhard Pelzer Resume

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Bernhard Pelzer Resume