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Motivational Turnaround

The method of motivational turnaround is used in situations of motivational deficit after mergers, during an identity crisis, while experiencing client migration, a decline in quality, company paralysis or a loss of know-how because of movement of labor.


An overview of the modules

  • Supervision
  • Executive Coaching
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mediation
  • Systemic breakup of blockades and circular processes
  • Reconciliation
  • Large group events from 50 to 5000 participants
  • Real Time Result Process in large groups (RtEG)
  • Participation based strategy development within the entire hierarchy
  • Location based decentralized strategy development and implementation

The advantages of the Motivational Turnaround

  • The advantages of the Motivational Turnaround
  • Enthusiasm for a new strategic direction
  • Avoidance and breakup of blockades and synergy damage
  • Acceleration of the reestablishment of the ability to work
  • Return to operability after a crisis
  • Innovation incentive
  • New identity development
  • Sensitization for cultural differences and use of the cultural bandwidth
  • Reuse of cultural synergies
  • Breakup of decision dilemmas
  • Retainment of Know-how
  • Intensified sales and gain of clients


Details Motivational Turnaround

  • Backup by Managing Partner, Partner, Consultant possible depending on necessity.
  • Additional costs for related expenses may apply.
  • Total cost dependent on motivational level and the experience of management or employees involved.

Process timeframe

  • Two weeks up to 1,5 years


Motivational Turnaround

Summary of all Pelzer AP methods as a PDF Document (German):

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