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Petra S. Pelzer

As an experienced communication designer, she supports the development of creative solutions in the consultation process of Pelzer Associated Partners. Since 1996 she is creating integral design solutions in all media - from concept to realization.

At Pelzer AP she was trained in the classic method of moderation ; ComTeam in the Academy, she was a consultant process. She works in the team development, group facilitation, and mediation, as well as creating and designing processes and virtual products.

She uses the following methods to strengthen the resilience of the client and for integrating of body and mind:

  • Ocean Action Learning
  • Classic Yoga and Meditation
  • Mediation
  • Design Coaching
  • Integral Design Thinking





The design of processes and messages gets more and more important in commercial context and affects the interaction of individuals, teams, business areas and their flow of information.

Design comes always in a socio-cultural context, it will form the reception habits of people and opens new perspectives of perception. Personal, technical and cultural developments are integrated in the process and clear, understandable directions are taken.

Designers and process consultants are in a way navigators who know how to set the correct flag and develop so authoritative, ethical models respecting the content and message.

For this process designers require a high degree of technical, artistic and cultural skills, they have to face social and technical challenges and have to develop an esthetic, innovative, economically successful, environmentally and socially sustainable solutions.




You can reach Petra S. Pelzer by:

Petra S. Pelzer

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