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Team performance assessment

Pelzer AP uses this method to measure the performance of teams and their members in order to evaluate achievement potential, management goal fulfillment and identification with the company within the frame of a larger company reorganization.


An overview of the modules

  • Corporate benchmark for the motivational imprint and the ability of self control in teams
  • Analysis of motivation, self control and competence of team members in form of an internet based 3-hour questionnaire on the basis of the theory of Personality-System-Integration (PSI) by Prof. Dr. Kuhl (University Osnabrück)
  • Key perfomance indicators (KPIs) for the classification of desired achievements in team positions.
  • 360 degree feedback by managmenet, peer teams, clients and KPIs
  • Self evaluation and reflection of development of the team
  • Outdoor/Off shore team assessment with with the KPIs that fit to the roll function and direct life-feedback
  • Performance certificate of the team with individual aspects of achievements in different team functions
  • Expertise of achievement optimization by chaning the individual team attrition
  • Feedback workshop with development coaching for the team

What is the benefit of the Team Performance Assessment?

  • Integral overview of the factors that influence the company skills
  • A unified position of the management teams on the coherences
  • Creation of consent dependent on power and status on executive-level
  • Rationalization of intuitive emotional power processes
  • Transparency and acceptance on individual decision backgrounds on executive level
  • Transparency and consent on the relevancy of control of strategic themes
  • Team development aspects on executive level


Details Team Performance Assessment

  • Support in modular tandems consiting of: Managing Partner, Partner, Consultant.
  • Additional costs and expenses may apply.
  • Total process cost depends on the amount of locations and companies

Process timeframe

  • Phase arrangements from 0,5 to 9 days in process timeframes from 1to 4 weeks. Expenditure of time of the company is equivalent to presentation time plus additional time for preparation and resume.



Team performance assessment

Summary of all Pelzer AP methods as a PDF Document (German):

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