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Integration supervision and process coaching

Integration supervision and process coaching are implemented during integration planning and roll out planning by the integration management. It is also used by post merger teams during integration process or crisis.


An overview of the modules

  • Supervision
  • Executive coaching
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mediation
  • Systemic breakup of blockades and circular processes
  • Reconciliation for the development of win win solutions within current conflicts

What is the benefit of the Integration supervision and process coaching?

  • Avoidance and breakup of blockades and synergy losses
  • Acceleration of the establishment of the ability to work
  • Sensitization for cultural differences
  • Breakup of decision dilemmas
  • Commonly supported win win solutions without compromises


Details Integration supervision and process coaching

  • Support dependent on need by: Managing Partner, Partner
  • Additional costs and expenses may apply.
  • Total process cost dependent on situation of conflict and the experience of the management involved

Process timeframe

  • from 0,5 days up to 9 months.



Integration supervision and process coaching

Summary of all Pelzer AP methods as a PDF Document (German):

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