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Strategy consulting in family influenced enterprises

Strategic management is essentially difficult in systems influenced by family structures. Family systems are characterized by structures of power grown by different tribes or lobbies over a very long period of time. These systems influence the enterprise management independently of the market requirements or other economical circumstances. In order to control or manage these influences in complex cohesions requires extraordinary personal and methodical qualifications, which exceed the qualifications of classic management.

Our experience and professional qualification in the combination of management know-how with therapeutic abilities offers the necessary background for this challenge.

The instruments have been developed over many years. They are divided into two main areas. In one aspect, they aid in gaining and keeping overview in complex systems. In the other, they assist and greatly increase the effectiveness of even small strategic interventions.

We distinguish between

Gaining control:

  1. Systemic methods to analyze and unveil family politics as a background for decisions, preferences and actions of family representatives.
  2. Theme and power analysis of the system as a basis of targeted interventions for the development of organizational performance.

Increasing effectiveness:

  1. Coaching for the increase of targeted precision of interventions.
  2. Allied strategy for the rapid reproduction of influence within a short time frame.
  3. Potential analysis of teams and individuals for the optimization of the deployed resources.

Change Navigation – module series "overview"

Gaining overview


  • Entrance into a new family or business system
  • Analysis of the status quo in current change processes with appointed consultants
  • Continuing surveillance of decisions of the operative management
  • Liberation of the entanglement in an established crisis over a long period of time
  • The preparation of a motivational turnaround
  • The development of a foundation for the hypothesis of a future strategy or vision

Added value:

  • Integral overview of the connections that shape the company skills
  • Transparency within the relevancy of control of strategic themes
  • Analysis and learning from previous means of control in project reorganization
  • Creation of a foundation for the development of hypothesis for future strategies and visions
  • Business exercises and simulations as possibilities for the judgment of planed interventions and change ideas
  • Psycho-social success coverage of planed interventions and means
  • Fast and effective development of individual influence and power


  • Coaching for the increase of targeted precision of interventions
  • Allied strategy for the duplication off influence in a short period of time
  • Potential analysis of teams and individuals for the optimization of the deployed resources
  • Prognosis and protection of the effectiveness of public appearances
  • Development of an integral company vision
  • Strategy development with hierarchical contribution on the basis of cybernetic control portfolios that match the integral vision
  • Processes of cooperation for parallel and timely integration of employees of entire company groups
  • Large group events with 50 up to 5000 participants
  • Real time result process in large groups (RTEG) for the development of a strategy together with the concerned
  • Executive team development: Integral Leading Change
  • Offshore seminar for the development of “conspirative” communities

How we work

Pelzer AP turns human potential into economical value

Changes happen daily, static stability is an illusion. This means that for a system to gain a relative amount of stability, it has to change in the same rhythms as its surroundings.

The independence of a person’s ability to decide freely is something we do not question. It is a driving force for motivation and happiness. This means that we do not create solutions for our clients. Instead we suggest frameworks and methods, deliver ideas and help the management with the implementation.

We pay attention to symptoms and their function as well as why they have developed. We pay particular close attention to resistance and anxieties. They point at unused reservoirs of energy. We assist in the search for reasons of resistances therefore optimizing the solutions.

We rely on the inner wisdom of people, because they sense – even unconscious – what is good and right for them. That means: we offer methods exceeding purely rational work methods. We establish a work atmosphere that is free of fears and nourishes cognition and creativity.

Our attitude stems from our vision "be wind over water"

As wind we add structure to the water. We move the water, gentle or – if necessary – with force. We let the air breathe, we move forward and from time to time we will blow into someone’s face. Powerless and influential.


Details Change Navigation

Consultancy depends on module: Managing Partner, Partner, Consultant. Additional costs and expenses may apply. The motivational turnaround of a larger organization (from 5000 employees) with the methods described is possible within the budget within the period of a year.

Process timeframe

Dependent on module 0,5 to 5 days in a process geared towards continuity of 12 months.



To reach the spring, you have to swim against the current

Nevertheless it is important to stay in motion in order to use the power of the current to your strategic advantage. Metaphors of deep see navigation are useful for consulting companies navigating through complex situations. The metaphors are also practical to visualize and simplify seemingly contradicting possibilities.