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The ILC Online Personal Potential Analysis

Integral Leading Change is the integral leadership ability development for managements in times of change. For the Personal Potential Analysis please follow the directions below.


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ILC Personal Potential Analysis

The Pelzer AP Personal Potential Analysis for Managers

Some characteristics on the differentiation of the ILC Personal Potential Analysis by Prof. Kuhl to other methods of analysis:

Measuring instead of testing

Aiming for the whole picture of all important personality traits instead of testing isolated individual aspects: a worldwide unique and innovative evaluation method (integrating many new research approaches).

Objective methods

Self evaluation methods are validated on the basis of objective methods: experimental behavior analysis, brain current measurement etc. The objective Methods (EMOSCAN) can also be used directly.


Developmental Motivation Assessment

Instead of static judgement, personality as dynamic process instead of static structure.

Cause study for the achievement of greater sustainability

The same characteristic of efficiency (for example not to implement good intentions) can have different causes.


Efficient coaching and training

Avoiding unnecessary training methods through pre-testing of the functions with the individually optimal developmental chances (Micro Analysis of all relevant functions): with this concept economical effects can be reached in a short period of time.

Complexity management

Many functions are collected, but few relevant ones are signaled back to the participant. The complexity of networks of cause is only visible to the expert. For the help of a consulter he can put it into a simple formula, because he can draw back onto a process theory of the personality.



“What is it that prevents people from implementing the goals and tasks we have come to believe as being important to us?”, Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl

Besides the individual circumstance of a company and the specific framework or your market segment, the personal competence of your leadership abilities is the key factor to your success. Here you can do a lot for the success of your company with a few precisely targeted investments.


ILC Analysis manual 

Download the "Personal Potential Analysis" manual as a Word Document (German).

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