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Large Group Conferences – Real time result oriented processes in large group conferences

Pelzer AP has long time coaching experience in the area of large group events. See here an example of a conference we arranged an executed in fall of 2003 with acquisition of data through a small group IT network and a plenum discussion with statement cluster subgroup work.

In Detail

Practical Example:

The organizer chose a location with impressive atmosphere but difficult acoustics that was lit by bright daylight. From no point of the room a moderator could be clearly seen or heard.

The presentations were kept short (15 Minutes). The small work groups provided the material for the input givers (board of directors and external experts) who for third time were trying to reach conclusions that would influence the company development.

The participants were highly qualified, demanding and belonged to the elite (500 of 8000) of the company.

The goals of the event were: provide input to important company issues, sounding of crucial employees for the leadership team, discussion of small group input in real time, documentation of the inputs and empowerment of the attendees through a transparent discussion process.

The challenges were clear: how can large groups (500 attendees) within a short time frame (1 day, 5 subjects) feed back the results of the small group work to the addressee of the result? How can an input giver receive fast results of the reflections made in the small groups and then react to it immediately on the large group event? How can the authenticity of the attendee’s concerns can be experienced in process.

Large group network chart

From pin walls to w-lan

Moderating large groups is a service that is highly in demand. The request for a fast speed of change has risen continuously. To pin cards on a board or to write onto it did nut suffice the demand of our client. All IT tools previously used neglected to demonstrate the transparency of the change process or appeared to be simply collected tools without the possibility to show the outcome. We utilized a mixture of different methods: Moderation, Presentation, E-Facilitation with technical tools (W-Lana, Mindmanger X5pro, Server-Database, Special pin walls, E-Survey) and combined them in such a way, that a quantum leap in large group moderation could be achieved.

Our solutions started with a moderator training for the small teamwork. The structure of the questions for the moderators were held equal in all groups, but were then optimised in the training.

Clustered seating plan for 500 participants

The quantum leap in large group moderation

As equipment we used special pin walls with flip chart holders, W-Lan with laptops for data entry and an input database as well as a network for the cluster teams. These cluster teams electronically structured the incoming statements in real time with the use of special cluster tools.

Large screen walls were used to provide live monitoring of the cluster activities of the participants. A discussion of the incoming statements happened from within the cluster teams.


High amount of identification resulting in structure and quality

Attendee feedback was extremely positive. Especially the possibility of observing the coming together of the cluster proved to be beneficial to the final identification of the attendees with the end results. The presentatiors and the board of directors as moderators were impressed of the structuring of the conclusions. Our structuring processes made the creativity of the attendees clear and manageable for a high level discussion.



Change structures permanently from the depth

Metaphors of deep sea navigation visualize one of the success criteria of extraordinary consultancy: to match an underlying concept with large-scale acceptance within the company. Pelzer AP understands the structure of a process, can map and locate it within a grander scale. This way, ongoing optimization of efficiency for feasible rates is possible.