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Generosity pays off. We provide insights and recommendations with added value from 25 years of experience.

We invite you to share our secrets. Because Pelzer AP has a lot to offer. Not only for its customers but also for its network and alliance partners and all interested parties. Here we give a valuable insight into the way we work and present unique methods.

Sharing our solutions with others makes us strong and is an essential part of the Pelzer AP philosophy.

Over the course of 25 years in consulting business we have evolved special procedures:

Un-work is the analysis of work processes with the return of teams on productivity that benefits customers.

Employee participation is large-group facilitation with real-time results by networking through virtual networks (RTEG)

Ocean Action Learning is a highly efficient method of learning for managers on board sail training vessels.

Cost for emotion C4E is a scientific method for determining the relationship between mood and productivity.




To reach the spring, you have to swim against the current

Nevertheless it is important to stay in motion in order to use the power of the current to your strategic advantage. Metaphors of deep see navigation are useful for consulting companies navigating through complex situations. The metaphors are also practical to visualize and simplify seemingly contradicting possibilities.