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A powerful group offering a complete spectrum of innovative consulting services

Pelzer AP is group and platform for the connection of a large variety of professional consultancy competence. An internal independence of the Pelzer Partners guarantees the professional quality of the relationship and the long lasting continuity of our common investment in product development and research of the Pelzer AP instruments. The diversity of our market approach enables us to offer our services to a variety of different companies. Pelzer AP has the competence to combine the diverse consulting approaches of the associated partners into an integrated and harmonious service concept.

Manny years of professional and management experience are the prerequisite for our engagement as consultants. Additionally we qualify in the areas of humanistic psychology. Each partner has experience in leading change processes that span over several years. Our diverse approach fits optimal to the diversified project requirements.

We continuously enlarge the Pelzer AP platform for coworkers, self-employed professionals and other small businesses with particular expertise for the development of the economical value of human skills.

These international Pelzer Associated Partners work for your company success