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Practicing the use of Cross Culture Management tools for dealing effectively with corporate change

This is a four days, english spoken, training program that helps you to understand and manage cultural differences in an organizational context.

The training is desined for executives and experienced managers in the field of international business transformation, -change management, -human resources management and counselling.

It gives participants the opportunity to get an indepth understanding of how culture affects large internationally operating businesses, and of how these businesses can take advantage of the different value-orientations of their members. During the four days you will both increase your awareness of cultural differences and learn how you can make your business more successful by integrating/reconciling these differences.

This training will enable participants to use the methodology that we have introduced for understanding and managing cultural differences (the Seven Dimensions Model of Culture and the Reconciliation Methodology) in your own practice, customised to your own interest and area of responsibility. This includes, for example, an analysis of the underlying cultural dilemmas in everyday problems that you encounter within your organization, and helping your team and your clients to develop solutions that respect the integrity of all parties involved.

Your Trainer is Bernhard Pelzer 

The Training in Detail

Understanding and managing cultural differences

During the workshop we will explain the Trompenaars Hampton-Turner (THT) methodologies for understanding and managing cultural differences within an organizational context. We will explore the Seven Dimensional Model of Culture and the Reconciliation Methodology, and will provide links to everyday situations occuring within your practice. And we will update these Methodology with the Latest Research on Cultural Development by the american researcher Ken Wilber and his Integral Business Concepts. We will use lectures and interactive sessions involving specific cases. Completing the preparatory assignment is a prerequisite for attending the workshop.

The main objective is to enlarge specific knowledge of culture as it affects your activities with clients and within Your organisation by:

  • Providing a framework of understanding cultural differences
    and how these differences can facilitate or block an organization’s effectiveness.
  • Creating an awareness on an organizational level
    of intercultural issues and their effect on business.
  • Acquiring an in-depth understanding
    of the cultural models of Fons Trompenaars’ and Ken Wilber as well as their individual theoretical background.
  • Identification of cultural attributes
    that can be used as differtiative criteria and asset to benefit your company.
  • Creating awareness on an individual level
    by analyzing your own cultural competencies.


An Overview over the training program

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Brainstorm on cases
  • What is culture?
  • Introduction to basic steps of an integral perspective
  • Seven Dimensions of Culture Model
  • Reconciliation Theory and case studies
  • Universalism - Particularism
  • Individualism - Communitarianism
  • Neutral - Affective

Day 2:

  • Introduction
  • Seven Dimensions of Culture Model by Trompenaars
  • Die 8 MEME Spiral Dynamnics
  • Specific - Diffuse
  • Achievement - Ascription
  • Time Orientation
  • Internal - External Control
  • Individual profiles

Day 3:

  • Introduction
  • Corporate culture (understanding and changing corporate cultures)
  • Cultural Koncepts by Ken Wilber
  • Questions & Answers
  • Practical issues

Day 4:

  • Reconciliation methodology
  • Step-wise demonstration to guarantee understanding
  • Aquire and hold intregral perspectives
  • End


Cross Cultural Management Corporate Retreat


  • on request


  • 12 participants, 4 days

Further Information

The invitation for this training with all the necessary information will be sent to you three weeks in advance. In case of cancellation at the latest 4 weeks before the training, replacement by another participant is permitted. In case of cancellation within 4 weeks of the training, we are obliged to commit participants to a 100% of the total fee.

Due to the international character of the training we will welcome participants from different countries. Seminars can be held in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanisch and Dutch.



To reach the spring, you have to swim against the current

Nevertheless it is important to stay in motion in order to use the power of the current to your strategic advantage. Metaphors of deep see navigation are useful for consulting companies navigating through complex situations. The metaphors are also practical to visualize and simplify seemingly contradicting possibilities.