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Best of Both Management Audit

The Best of Both Management Audit is a management selection process during reorganization, fusion, mergern or replacement of top positions.


An overview of the modules

  • Corporate Benchmark for the motivational imprint and self-control competence in leading positions
  • Motivation and self-control competence analysis through an internet based 3 hour questionnaire on the basis of the theory of Personality- System-Interaction (PSI) by Prof.
    Dr. Kuhl (University Osnabrück)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for classification of the desired achievements in leading positions
  • 360 degree feedback by coworkers, peers and superiors about the candidate's KPIs self evaluation and reflection of development
  • Expert interviews with 2 assessors and direct life-feedback
  • Personal Certificate Management Portfolio (9 Box-Rating) as interactive database for decision makers

Performance in Position


What is the benefit of the Best of Both Management Audit?

  • Neutral quality assessment on management competence and potential by scientifically founded and independent assessors
  • State of the art usage of current neurological,- psychological science combined with newest experiences from business users
  • High acceptance (more than 98%) of the candidates because of neutral and direct life-feedback after the personal interview
  • Personal development plan as part of the feedback and the extensive certificate that focuses particularly on the KPIs
  • Precisely targeted identification and consideration of the opinion leader/multiplication- motivational fit with the future challenges of the company
  • High acceptance of the management decisions that are based on the certificate, especially in resulting outplacement decisions
  • Precise identification of the know-how carriers necessary for the integration
  • Motivation and identification impulse with the company goals by the management audit


Details Best of Both Management Audit


  • Maximal 75 candidates per week with five assessor teams working in parallel
  • Company effort per candidate is 10 hours plus 12 hours 360 degree feedback by colleges.


Best of Both Management Audit

Summary of all Pelzer AP methods as a PDF Document (German):

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