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Your pilot in difficult entrepreneurial waters

The general function of Bernhard Pelzer for the Pelzer AP clients can be described as that of a pilot on a ship in rough waters. He is responsible for providing the ship owner, captain and crew with the information necessary to steer their ship safely to the destination harbor. Just as an actual pilot on a real ship, he will come aboard at distinct times. He will stand on the bridge and utilize his specific navigational experiences that gained over a long period of time. This very successful, special equipment is brought in, because for navigation in regular waters it is not necessary and therefore on most ships usually not present.

Bernhard Pelzer has come to the conclusion that in order to manage complex systems efficiently, complex abilities are a must. A general reduction of complexity has proven to be a dissatisfactory method to keep companies continuously successful in the market. Pelzer AP acts on the principle that people are equipped with extraordinary abilities to produce great results in complex situations. In many cases, these skills are not used because people are not aware of them or they have worked in an environment in which they have unlearned these abilities. Pelzer AP has gained extensive experience in uncovering and developing these abilities.


The company history of Pelzer AP

Midway through the 1990s Bernhard Pelzer was leading an organization that hired the consultants who 15 years ago had invented the moderation method. They were the first to implement the systemic strategy process within the large organization, Bernhard Pelzer was leading. The connection of therapeutic methods with organization development processes for the advancement of economic success would then become his profession.

Pelzer & Partner was founded in 1989 as a consultancy for change processes. Clients were financial service providers who used the advanced empowerment know how within reorganization processes. 1998 Bernhard Pelzer transferred the know how of his company into the KPMG Consulting and was able to integrate the international aspects of cross culture management into his service portfolio.

Anglo-American business concepts enlarged the systemic approach to organizational development. As a spin off to the technical due diligence of psychological test methods in assignment of investors, new concepts based on the theory of personal system integration (PSI -theory by Prof. Kuhl) were added to the know how. The PSI- practice was developed in 25 years of psychological and neurological research and forms the basis for new evaluation methods for personal abilities and corresponding personal development concepts.

The know how of over 20 years, combined with a stable network of longtime colleges and friends formed the basis for the relaunch of PELZER ASSOCIATED PARTNERS.

Bernhard Pelzer

Bernhard Pelzer

Bernhard Pelzer about the headquarter in Hamburg:

After 13 years in the German Rhein-Ruhr aerea, Ecuador and the Netherlands and after trying out Munich and Berlin I've found in Hamburg my hometown. I live with my family at the River Elbe and am fortunate to live right across my office.