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Klaas Jarchow makes Media

Klaas Jarchow  is a long term book publisher. In Hamburg, he has led the Rogner & Bernhard Verlag since 1996, and from 2004 he built and managed the Murmann Verlag. He was previously literary scholar and lecturer at the University of Hamburg, author and journalist (especially for broadcasting, especially the NDR).

Since early 2010, he concentrates his activities in his company KLAAS Jarchow MEDIA. Here he presents his publishing skills and contacts authors and companies. KLAAS Jarchow MEDIA develops with its customers appropriate media formats, books, journals, magazines and new digital forms.

Development of media culture

KLAAS JARCHOW MEDIA develops cultural and media formats with companies, foundations, associations and educational institutions. We provide market analysis, design and implementation. We understand media and culture in the broad sense. The projects usually have their roots or their location in northern Germany and have access to the good contacts of KLAAS Jarchow MEDIA particularly in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

As a special
company service Klaas Jarchow Media develops and manufactures selected equipment (special marking, special title pages, inserted extra chapter or company brochure, special packaging or user instructions, etc.).


Consultancy for authors and book development

Klaas Jarchow developed by authors ideas and texts on the media product - this is the book to be an exciting format - sometimes it is also a website, a blog, an iPad format, a daily calendar or event - or the mix several of the better form for the initial idea. Klaas Jarchow Media developed with the authors of the contents and the formats to a common release strategy. We make contacts with manufacturers and retailers to advise on contractual arrangements and production. Klaas Jarchow Media advises at unusual distribution channels and unusual formats.

In the past 15 years, Klaas Jarchow has worked with a long line of writers, filmmakers, photographers and illustrators in the book, calendar or magazine production:

Selection of authors:

Douglas Adams, Woody Allen, Ingmar Bergman, Hans Christoph Binswanger, Norbert Bolz, Utz Claassen, Quentin Crisp, Jim dogde, Chistoph von Dohnányi, Thomas Druyen, Peter Felix Berger, Manfred Geier, William Gibson, Alexa Henning von Lange, Nick Hornby, Thomas Kunadt, James Kynge, Astrid Lindgren, Miriam Meckel, Ulf Poschardt, Olaf Preuss, Tom Sharpe, Lars von Trier, David Vise, Tobias Wolf and many more ...

Klaas Jarchow