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Gap Similarity Analysis of the company culture

This Pelzer AP Method serves as a tool for analyzing and developing values, rules, hidden agendas (hidden values and rules, totems and rituals), company dynamic and identities. It is used in situations where a wording is created identifying the common company future, vision and identity. It is also used in situations where a comparison of the current company reality is made in regards to other companies or when summarizing different organizations.


An overview of the modules

  • Culture analysis on the basis of the 4-quadrant-method (corporate management style, cultural identities, cultural landscapes, cultural dynamics)
  • Techniques are used dependent on the openness of the targets:
    - Desktop research
    - Investigative research
    - Structured live-interviews
  • Webbased company questionnaire
  • Reporting with special focus on similar experiences in the past, different abilities and incompatibilities
  • Presentation and interactive database
  • WebIn-Workshop for the integration off the results of the analysis into an improved company vision

What is the benefit of the Gap Similarity Analysis?

  • Development of team culture as an integral part of the analysis and coaching process (operative increase of achievements of the team > 30%)
  • Evaluation of the benefit of risks created on a cultural level that influence profitability and performance
  • Acceleration off the identification process of newly added teams and members (shortened integration span > 30%)
  • Safeguarding of the integration success (increased changes > 50%, realization of the gain on take over investments > 3%)
  • Avoidance of blockades and synergy losses (benefit 30% of the company value)


Details Gap Similarity Analysis

  • Support in modular tandems consiting of: Managing Partner, Partner, Consultant.
  • Additional costs and expenses may apply.
  • Total process cost depends on the amount of locations and companies.

Process timeframe

  • 3 weeks per unit. Not longer than 3 months for all units in order to guarantee comparability within the cultural dynamic.



Gap-Similarity Analyse

Summary of all Pelzer AP methods as a PDF Document (German):

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