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Pelzer AP turns human potential into economical value

Pelzer AP advances and increases creativity and ingenuity of decision makers, coworkers and teams in all situations of their entrepreneurial day. We accompany leaders as an experienced, personal consultant. We help teams and companies through systemic change processes. We consult companies and teams involved in complex, interwoven entrepreneurial circumstances.

Our services are divided up into Executive Mentoring, Strategic Advice and Change Navigation. These expressions stand for international know-how, valuable studies, systemic psychological training methods and 20 years of reflected experiences.

Pelzer AP is a metanetwork that offers its clients a range of professional consultancy services. Independent partners harmoniously integrate their individual expertise and their own study results into the Pelzer AP service portfolio.

Pelzer AP clients are organizations and companies looking for specialists that facilitate and bridge change processes or mergers for employees or for their own customers. Independent entrepreneurs and leaders know, that when changing a company, identification, know-how, communication and company culture automatically change with it. In order to shape and direct that change process, we offer expertise, consisting of experience and proven success records that set us apart from the competition.



Find your way in a stormy sea

We use metaphors of deep sea navigation to help our clients reflect on their entrepreneurial behavior. Just as a pilot will guide a ship through stormy sea safely to the harbor, Pelzer AP mindsets and methods will guide companies and leaders safely through complex business situations.